In Memory of Suzette Ackermann

Dolphin watching trip to the threatened Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, July 21st 2016 – A great loss for family, friends and mother nature: Suzette Ackermann ~ professional dancer, Yoga/Doga instructor, environmentalist, dolphin activist and an inspiration to so many. Her loss leaves a huge gap, Suzette was truly one of a kind and will be greatly missed by all of us.

Suzette Ackermann ~ professional dancer, Yoga/Doga instructor, environmentalist, dolphin activist and an inspiration to so many

Suzette Ackermann ~ professional dancer, Yoga/Doga instructor, environmentalist, dolphin activist and an inspiration to so many

I met Suzette for the first time at the end of April 2015 on a trip with dolphin advocates to raise awareness in Hong Kong. She was very friendly and helpful, she showed us around and established contacts. As a committed vegan she organised a very enjoyable vegan evening for us. Later she arranged a dolphin watching trip to see threatened Chinese White Dolphins, one of the issues she campaigned on. Her passion for the cause of dolphins was very noticeable.

One day we observed her talking with an ivory saleswoman in her 70s. Softly and gently she explained the problematic nature of the ivory trade to her. Her ways were so empathetic that she could engage such people in reasoned conversation, this was one of her talents.

We stayed in touch after the Hong Kong trip and I had the privilege to get to know Suzette a bit better. Her passion for the protection of animals and nature was such that even during her holidays in Europe she attended a protest against dolphinaria and also a screening event of Blackfish. She was a woman who walked the talk and became a role model for many, particularly young people.

One of her happiest moments last year was the publication of the article The Dolphin’s Smile – The biggest Illusion on Earth, by Shiray Tan, a 13-year-old girl from Malaysia, on Ceta Journal. Shiray wrote:

“In July 2015 I was invited by Suzette Ackermann, an independent animal activist, to present my story at a show in Hong Kong. I hoped the audience, including the children, would remember my story for the rest of their lives, so that they would never visit a marine park ever again. I did get a great reception but I really don’t need audiences telling me my speech was amazing, all I want to hear is, “Listening to your story has changed me. I have made my pledge and I will never visit a marine park again.””

Shiray had become aware of the topic through Suzette’s posts on social media and before long two like-minded people found common ground. As a person who referred to herself “as a steward for the next generation,” and said, “we need to guide these kids the right way,” Suzette again walked the talk.

Dolphin watching trip to the threatened Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong

She saw education as the key to many problems and often used her talents for dance and yoga to get her message across and raise funds for animal organisations. Of Doga, which is yoga with dogs, she said,

This is my way to bring humans and animals closer. How can people protect something, when they have no connection to it?

She was always happy to connect people in the cause of animals and then willing to help them too, a very special person. Her loss leaves a huge gap, Suzette was truly one of a kind and will be greatly missed by all of us.

Dance on dear Suzette

Sasha Abdolmajid

Photos taken in Germany, Belgium and Hong Kong

Photos taken in Germany, Belgium and Hong Kong

Jess & Suzette

Jess & Suzette

Dearest Suzette-love,

May you be in peace and filled with love from all of us… You will surely be missed but I am glad that you are finally relieve from pain and suffering.

It’s never easy to say goodbye but I will remember your happy smile and your love to all the animals and to this world.

My heart is filled with sadness but one step at a time I’ll pick myself up and carry your light and spirit with me.

Thank you for coming into my life and I am truly grateful to have met you.

Love always,

Jess Chan

Suzette & Jacqueline

Suzette & Jacqueline


Who will teach doga? Who will teach belly dance? Who will voice out for voiceless? Who will promote humane diet?

We will, your friends and students will carry on for you, we shall be more united, shall not let you down, shall share your love and compassion to others.

Thank you for being such a good friend of mine, thank you for your love and compassion.

It’s time for you to rest in peace, it’s time for us to move on.

I love you, rest well, my dear.

Jacqueline Lee


I have no words just beautiful memories to share…

Fernando Beat

Memories of Fernando & Suzette

Memories of Fernando & Suzette


Amoeba & Suzette


There’s a Chinese saying:

Why do good people always die so soon?

People don’t understand these angels have their missions, they are very busy showing goodness here and then elsewhere.

Sometimes we just shouldn’t be too selfish and try to keep them for too long. And the goodness they have shown will stay with us forever…

No doubt Suzette is one of these angels.

Amoeba Cheung

Jacqueline, Suzette & Dr. Samuel Hung, Chairman of Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

Jacqueline, Suzette & Dr. Samuel Hung, Chairman of Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society


Whenever someone asked me at a talk: “What can I do to help the dolphins,” the first person that always came to my mind as an example would be Suzette. As someone who is very passionate about dolphin conservation, Suzette never asks me what she can do to help the dolphins; instead, she always finds the creative ways to take direct action and get everyone involved. She is a “doer”, and she let her actions speak louder than words.

Over the years, I have the privilege to collaborate with Suzette to help raise awareness on many different dolphin issues. She is a professional dancer, so she figures that she can first educate her students, by organizing fund-raisers and dance events, and she invited me to speak at many of her events.

She is also extremely passionate about the plight of captive dolphins, which we share the same passion, so we often show up at the doorsteps of Ocean Park and Japanese Embassy, and spread the message that dolphins do not belong in captivity.

I always admire her great energy, passion, and dedication to her friends at ocean, and try her very best to tell people not to buy a ticket to see a dolphin show. I still vividly remember the joy shown on her face when I brought her to see my friends in Hong Kong waters, the wild Chinese White Dolphins. In our same belief, that is where all dolphins belong to.

Although I miss her dearly, I can tell that now she is swimming with the dolphins at where she belongs – the ocean.

If someone ask me again how they can help the dolphins, I will tell the story of my cherished friend, Suzette, on how she can seize every opportunity she has, to find ways to help our dolphins at sea. She is the best example for all dolphin-lovers and ocean advocates.

Samuel Hung Ka Yiu

Suzette & Shiray, Hong Kong 2015

Suzette & Shiray, Hong Kong 2015


Dear Suzette,

I hope you saw my messages on Facebook. I knew about your cancer quite a long time ago, but I never wanted to invade your privacy because I knew you didn’t like it. But when things became dangerous, I made sure you knew how much I appreciated you. I miss you Suzette.

As I sent the messages, I was waiting for hours and hours, days and days to see the word ‘read’. Even if there was no reply, so long as you’d watched the video I made and listened to what I truly feel about you, I would have been so happy. But that word never appeared on the screen of my phone and I know it’s impossible now. I miss you so much, and I know all of us do too.

It’s hard, but we will get through this, for you. From belly dancing to saving animals, you’ve always been the best hero any of us could ever ask for. And if you’re ever watching up there, I hope you’re proud of me.

We will continue raising awareness for the animals, and spreading your words of wisdom, starting our journey from where you passed it on to us. Your impact on our lives is very deep and I thank you for changing how we thought about animals, for changing the fate of animals in captivity, for saving poor innocent animals, and most importantly, thanks for being the best mermaid ever.

As Em Bettinger said, be a mermaid and make waves, and I guess you did. You’ve created the most massive wave in the ocean and it’s time for you to just float on the waves and swim with the dolphins.

I love you Suzette! Thank you, for everything. Til we meet again.

Shiray Tan

Pet owners flock to dog yoga classes


  1. Astrid Dickopf says:

    Thank you, Sasha and Suzettes friends for this touching tribute”

  2. stolendolphins says:

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady.
    Thank you to Sasha and everyone else involved.

  3. Melissa Foo says:

    No matter how positive i wanted to be or i wanted Shiray to be, sometimes somewhere in my heart, i still don really agreed on what have happened to her. but life has to go on.

    Suzette had played an important role and had great influence in Shiray’s life. Since knowing Suzette, Shiray has become even more aware and more compassionate in the subject of animals welfare and environmental issues. She will take advantage on all the speeches in school to talk about animal and environmental issues. After came back from Hong Kong from meeting with Suzette and the story telling on Angel, the Dolphin, she started to be a vegan while she is in school from morning till 4pm (well, that is a good start). I believe she will continue to do her part although not as much as many of you all did. Many thanks to Suzette, you and others for guiding her. I really appreciate it.

    She always tells me how others adults will always tell her, “you are young, you can’t do this and that.” yet Suzette is the only one who will tell her, “ÿou are young, you are the future.” she respects and admires Suzette very much, Suzette is her hero and she is always happy to make Suzette proud. I believe she will continue her journey with Suzette in her heart and always be kind, loving and happy. As she has said, “‘We will continue raising awareness for the animals, and spreading your words of wisdom, starting our journey from where you passed it on to us.”

    Suzette, you will always be her hero and inspiration. Love you. Miss you. Thank you.

    And Sasha, thanks for the touching tribute dedicating to our angle, Suzette. Thanks for everything

  4. annelies mullens says:

    Thank you Sasha and friends for making this tribute for a very special, warm, dedicated person. I only met Suzette once and indeed she talked on a very empathetic way and was able to make people really want to listen… She will be missed.

  5. Lola Palooza says:

    Thank you so much to you Sasha and all friends who took part in this beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Let the Dolphins gide her behind the rainbowbridge …. she will be missed by everyone who knew here, but especially all animals she cared and fought for ! She definately was an Angel send from Heaven !

  6. Dear Friends of Suzette: I never met her, but she and I traded information and emails on a regular basis about dolphins and Taiji. Suzette was a dedicated activist who cared deeply about the welfare of dolphins. I was very sorry to hear of her death. My thanks to all of you for keeping her spirit and her dolphin love alive for the future. — Mark J. Palmer, Associate Director, International Marine Mammal Project, Earth Island Institute

  7. Pearl says:

    I’m still in shock. When Sasha called me and told me the bad news, I couldn’t believe what I heard. Even though I have never met Suzette in person, I had always pictured her as this perfect healthy girl. I was experimenting being a vegetarian back then when Sasha introduced us. She gave me a lot of tips on how to be a vegetarian and how to maintain good shape. We also talked a lot about dolphins. She told me about their wonderful show and asked me if it was possible to make it happen in mainland China. She sent me dolphin protection stickers for my son and my son loved them and sticked them all over our place. She had been planning come to Beijing last Autumn, but I suggested her to postpone to spring because of the severe smog. We were planning to visit places and vegan restaurants, and planning me cooking her a vegan meal at my place. Although I never met her in person, it felt like we had become close girlfriends. I hope she’s in peace up in the heaven. We all love you, Su.

  8. Melissa Foo says:

    thinking about you……..Suzette

  9. Maggie says:

    I took a kickboxing course by Suzette years ago and just she’s energetic and sweet all the time.
    Recently I think of her and got this piece of sad news from FB. Suzette, just want to drop a word and let you know, we miss you. ~ a student from HKEx dance class

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