France bans captive breeding of dolphins and killer whales

Orca show at Marineland Antibes, France. Photo: Dolphin Project

France has banned the breeding in captivity of dolphins and killer whales, in a move hailed by campaigners as a major victory.

Campaigners hailed the move as the beginning of the end of “marine circuses”. Image : Valery Hache/AFP

BBC News, 07.05.2017

The government also banned the keeping of all whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity, except for the orcas and bottlenose dolphins already held.

The ban on captive breeding would eventually lead to the end of “marine circuses” in the country, a joint statement from five conservation groups said.

Environment Minister Segolene Royal had signed a version of the legislation on Wednesday, but decided to tighten the rules further and ban captive breeding completely, after finding out that “some animals were drugged” in aquariums.

The new rules also ban direct contact between animals and the public, including swimming with dolphins, and also requires that pools holding the animals be made significantly larger.

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