Sasha Abdolmajid

Founder, writer and editor

Sasha is an independent German environmentalist and blogger, predominantly focused on marine conservation. He travels widely to report, raise awareness of, and educate on cetacean related issues.


Hans Peter Roth

Guest contributor

Hans Peter is a freelance journalist, geographer and author (Die Bucht, English: The Cove) from Switzerland. His fascination with whales and dolphins since childhood inspired his primary focus today, marine life and its environment.

Shaun O’Dwyer

Guest contributor

Shaun is an associate professor in the School of Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University, and a co-director of the "It’s Not Just Mud NPO".
He writes for The Japan Times.

Stella Ville

French translator

Stella is a French environmentalist based in Barcelona, Spain.

David Delpouy

Fench translator

David is an animal right's activist based in France.

Suzette Ackermann

Environmentalist, activist

Suzette is a South African environmentalist and animal right's activist based in Hong Kong, China.

Pearl Han

Chinese translator

Pearl is a Chinese writer and translator based in Beijing, China.